Grow Your Band's Audience
The original guide for independent musicians that want to grow an audience that supports them in every way possible: creatively, spiritually, and financially. We'll take you through the six steps that successful working musicians have used to create a great life and an engaging career for themselves. The book also includes ten case studies of real musicians who make significant money making music -- even though you may never have heard of them before.
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More Gigs Now
Once you've used the tools from Grow Your Band's Audience to get your first few gigs and collect a list of eager fans, it's time to hit the road. Use the tools from More Gigs Now to keep your tours from draining your energy, and your wallet. Learn clever tricks and strategies to play out ten or more times every month within your region, without burning out your audience. Discover ways to sell more merchandise and build a reputation that drives talent buyers to call you.
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Music Management for the Rest of Us
When I started managing musicians, I was a little frustrated about the lack of books on the market to guide beginning music managers. There were plenty of authors that assumed I had an MBA or a Rolodex full of contacts. If you're starting your own music management career, learn from my mistakes and use some of my proven techniques to get your client off to a great start. Remember that most of the world's most influential music managers started as friends or family members of their first clients -- not as established industry mavens! Learn why musicians tend to perform better when they train someone they already trust to manage their careers, instead of relying on industry veterans.
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Host Your Own Concerts
No more excuses. That's what audiences demand of their concert venues. When they can't get their needs met, they'll create their own opportunities to see great live music in comfortable settings. Learn how to set up your own concerts, whether you want to showcase your own work or simply treat your friends and neighbors to a good time. Use our checklists and tools to prevent embarrassing parking problems or run-ins with the law. Musicians can plug themselves into the worldwide network of concert hosts, who can't wait to share new music with small groups of eager, supportive listeners!
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