Joe’s Column – 4/22

There are 20% more people reading this week’s issue than last week’s. THANK YOU! Your support, and the way you’ve been spreading the word about our project, really makes the difference.I wanted to highlight a few of our subscriber benefits this week. (And remember that your membership is free!)We have slots open for our teleclasses, which I’ll be hosting every Tuesday afternoon for the next five weeks. If you’ve never been to a teleclass before, it’s simply a class that you call in to, instead of showing up at. The only cost is whatever your phone company charges you to dial our conference bridge number in Philadelphia. Other than that, there’s no cost to sign up and show up. Check the schedule later in this issue.Our links directory is starting to grow – take advantage of it! It’s a no-cost opportunity to showcase your band, your site, your professional service – anything related to independent and emerging musicians. If you think your site doesn’t fit into one of the existing categories, please e-mail us. We’ll be happy to open up some new ones.Finally, the project that’s getting most of the buzz around here is EMBARCADERO, our first compilation CD. Remember to get your submission in to us before May 1. And remember that you must first request a copy of the submission guidelines by sending a blank e-mail to As always, we will not share your address with anyone. Thanks again for your support, and we look forward to serving you with great tips, tools and news in the months to come!-Joe Taylor Jr.