New CDStreet Pricing — How will it affect you?

We just received a memo from our friends at CDStreet about their new pricing structure. We’ve been doing business with Glenn and his team since 1998, and I know I’ve been wondering how they’ve been keeping things so cheap.Later this week, we’ll roll out a pricing grid for e-commerce-enabling your site, but here’s the bottom line:If you’re selling discs for $15 or less, is still your most cost effective option for selling discs and merchandise. If your discs cost $16 or more, CDBaby is the price leader. Both of these services are top notch, run by two of the most dedicated people in our industry. (P.S. “Why not just use PayPal and ship stuff ourselves?” Two reasons: 1. Your time is too valuable to pick, pack and ship. Pay the professionals to do it right. 2. Both of these services report to SoundScan, which is essential for you to build credibility with retailers down the road.)