Welcome, Summer!

For our readers in the U.S., I hope you had an enjoyable holiday weekend – we actually shut down our office for TWO WHOLE DAYS, and celebrated the unofficial start of summer at, of all things, a Herman’s Hermits show. Yes, Peter Noone is alive, well, and touring. Say what you will, but we’ve got loads of respect for anyone who still packs a shed full of screaming fans thirty years after their last certifiable chart hit. (Here’s why: the show is FUN.)Memorial Day in the States usually marks a shift in the way audiences use their leisure time. For musicians, it often means ditching clubs for sheds and cities for resort towns. For emerging artists, it can be frustrating to watch audiences shut down the critical parts of their brains and head off to cover shows. If you’re in this camp, what are you doing to:* Introduce yourself to bands and promoters as a potential opening act?* Put yourself in front of seasonal audiences?* Get yourself a few more gigs during your own summer road trip?Summer doesn’t have to mean a vacation from your music career. If anything, it’s an opportunity to take the renewal and optimism of spring to a whole new level, before the pressures and challenges of the fall season take hold.Next week: we officially unveil EMBARCADERO, the first IndieMusicClub.com compilation CD!Best wishes,Joe T. & The IndieMusicClub Team