Tossing The Dough

Did you know that at most modern pizza shops, there’s no need at all to toss the dough? Most professional pizza cooks use equipment that stretches that dough for them. Yet, on a bulletin board for pizza shop owners, I witnessed a crucial exchange — that pizza shops where the cooks toss the dough simply for entertainment purposes are doing better than those who don’t!

I’m reminded of a chef at a lunch spot near Penn who would always ask, “wanna see the show before you go?” And he’d make an impressive display of banging a pan against his stove to ignite a little extra olive oil. Flash. Oooh. Penne’s ready.

What does any of this have to do with your music?

Think about what your audience is coming to you for — a total entertainment experience. You might not be as elaborate as KISS. But I challenge you this week to think about the level of showmanship in your set — are you giving your audience a show before they go?