Quick Plug: New Coaching Services

We spent the weekend refining the services menu at Taylor Creative Management, so it now includes two more low-cost coaching opportunities.

Our Friday FreeStyle is modeled after the “open phones” segment of our Summer Strategy Seminar, where folks can get feedback on just about anything. We made it cheaper than a gym membership, so you can exercise your audience-building muscle every Friday at lunchtime.

Our 1-on-1 service has been overhauled, too. Thanks to the lower overhead of our new hometown, we can (in a manic car commercial pitchman voice) pass the savings along to you! Meet with me by phone 3x per month and get specific help with your career, for either $197 per month or $47 per week. Here’s the catch: I only have enough brain bandwidth to work with a handful of artists at any one time, so act quickly before we have to put you on the waiting list!