The Art of Abundance In Action

Jive-O-Matic‘s curious press release caught my eye this morning. By donating half of their digital sales to charities that work with music in the schools, this band (and their “management company” — which may or may not be the same people, I’m not sure) is taking a really bold risk in order to separate themselves from the white noise in the slush pile. Would I have spent much time with their material if I had come across it otherwise? Probably not. But by staking their claim around an issue that resonates with me, they got my attention. And I ended up spending the morning listening to some nice, acoustic demos on their site.

Of course, giving should be a part of your plan from the get-go. You don’t have to be as overt as these folks for it to have a positive impact on your life and on your work. Check out the Art of Abundance website to learn more about how putting others first will help you succeed.

(FYI: At least 10% of all of our company’s GROSS receipts are donated to charities that support musicians and music education, such as Nuci’s Space in Athens, The Writers House in Philadelphia, MusiCares, and others. When you support our work, you help support other musicians throughout the country.)