Gym Memberships Now Available

It’s good to be back…

After finishing the nearly SEVEN HOUR Monster Music Business Survival Call with David Hooper (and hundreds of YOU — thank you for spending a Saturday night with us!), I went to sleep, woke up the next morning, went to see “Elf,” and then got really sick for about a week and a half!

The time away from the usual routine got me thinking about ways that I can give you even better tools and even better value through the next year. One of the things that gets me revved up every week is our Group Call — it’s a conference call we do every week with my clients and a handful of special invited guests. We had invited a number of folks who purchased Grow Your Band’s Audience in October to join us on the calls, and had a blast.

It, and the experience I had with the Monster Call, led me to this brainstorm…

We’re going to open up more of these calls, more often, to as many of our members as possible. And we’ll do it in a way that gives you the maximum possible benefit for as little investment as possible.

That’s how, with help and advice from Dave, our clients, and others, I’ve decided to open our “Music Business Coaching Gym.”

It starts with our Group Calls — we understand that it’s impossible to get to EVERY single call. Rather than keep twelve slots available for monthly subscribers, as we have done, I’m going to open our conference bridge up to as many of you as possible, every week, beginning in December.

Folks who have been coming to these calls have not only been getting their specific music business questions answered by myself, they’ve also been able to network with special invited guests (including publishers, managers, record company staff, etc.). Most importantly, they’ve been networking with EACH OTHER during and after each call, arranging gig swaps and sharing success tips.

Just like you would go to a gym to build physical strength, you can join OUR gym to build your music business muscles. You can do it on YOUR schedule, and work on the skills that YOU want to develop.

If you join before November 28th, you will gain admission to EVERY group call from December 1, 2003 until December 31, 2004. And your ONE-TIME fee for membership will only be $79.

That’s right. No monthly fees, no automatic renewals, no goofy clubs or “mice type” catches.

You’ll have the chance to attend at least 70 calls we’ll hold — and we’ll add more weekly times based on how many folks join. You’ll also have access to streaming audio of every call that you miss. We’ll also let you have access to all SEVEN HOURS of the Monster Call Recordings, which we could easily have decided to package and sell on their own — they’re that full of juicy knowledge. By the end of the year, that’s over 100 HOURS of music business expertise, along with the benefits of being part of this groundbreaking network.

$79 barely covers our costs for organizing and recording all these calls. I’m basically throwing my time in pro bono, because I get so much out of these calls, too.

Please let me know that this is a risk worth taking. A lot of folks are already telling me that I’m giving away the store, but I know we’ll get a lot more from your ACTIVE participation in these work groups.