The Music Internship Rant

I’ve noticed that last summer’s post about music internships in Chicago is one of the most heavily visited pages on our site. That’s nice!

What’s very strange is that a bunch of folks have been coming in through Google searches and leaving notes in the comments for Ryan at Pitchfork Media. That’s… not going to bode well for your internship prospects.

Good internships are becoming scarce, so here are some tips:

* When you find a good lead, contact that person DIRECTLY. When we give you a lead, we’ll post contact info or at least point you in a direction.
* Leaving notes in the comments shows your target company that you’re not fully reading/comprehending the article, and that you’re expecting them to actually see your posts.
* Most good internships are never posted — anywhere. Be bold. Write letters to people you would love to intern with. Either they’ll be too busy to read your note or they’ll be flattered you asked. Won’t hurt!!