Music Biz Boot Camp – 4/24 – Nashville!

A few months back, David Hooper and I were doing a little showboating. We told folks that we would stage a conference call where we answered EVERY question that we received by e-mail in time for the event. We figured that most of the questions would overlap and we’d put on a great, two-hour show.

We stayed on that call for SEVEN HOURS. (You can hear it if you own Grow Your Band’s Audience.)

Once I recovered, Dave and I talked about how much great response we had from the hundreds of folks who popped in and out of the “Monster Call.” We reveled at how the LENGTH of the call allowed us to address questions nobody had ever asked us, because they weren’t always on the top of the list. We talked some more about how music conferences don’t always let you get that in-depth with panelists, since they’re in and out in an hour.

So Dave has organized our first Music Business Boot Camp, and we’ve enlisted other notable authors, managers and attorneys, including our colleague Bob Baker, to round out our panel of experts.

On Saturday, April 24th, I invite you to join us on the campus of Belmont University in Nashville. We’ll each have some prepared remarks, but I am positive that most of the day will be spent answering your questions and sharing your successes with the group.

To cover our expenses, we’re asking for a registration fee of $99. I know $99 is a lot to ask, which is why I’m stepping up and adding even more value, with the hopes that we can continue the conversations we start in Nashville.

Sign up for the Music Biz Coaching Gym for $97 today, and you’ll get in to the Boot Camp for FREE. You’ll get the same great in-person experience plus the benefit of six private, members-only conference calls every month for the rest of 2004. This offer’s good until March 1, or until the Boot Camp sells out — whichever comes first.

And, trust me, the Boot Camp WILL sell out!

Click here to join Joe in Nashville.