Wrestling with Rejection

Mary Dawson, host of “I Write the Songs�?, professional songwriter, and president of CQK Records & Music in Dallas, gives some advice on how to handle rejection.

You pour your heart and soul into your new song. Birth of a masterpiece! And then…..you play the song for a family member, friend, or a panel of judges. As Mary’s friend, Babbie Mason says, “They have the nerve to tell you that your baby is ugly!�? It’s called rejection and it hurts like hell!

Rejection in the world of music is an unavoidable reality, but how we choose to respond can either makes us “bitter or better.�?

Mary’s offers advice on how to handle the “sting�? of rejection:

1. Consider the source. Who reviewed the song?
2. Learn to identify and appreciate positive criticism. Every good songwriter must learn to cherish and seek out such honest feedback in order to keep stretching and growing in the craft.
3. Master the craft of songwriting. How well do you know the craft of songwriting? Do you know the rules and skills of songwriting?