The Emperor’s New Clothes

In 1995, I launched my very first website under the domain. Working with my good friend Jay Frank (now a honcho at Launch/Yahoo!), we spotlighted new music as one of the very first online review sites. As we moved on from record reviews, hung around as the tail end of my e-mail address, but not much has gone on here.

As of today, Indie Music Club and have merged under the moniker.

Two reasons:

1. You’ll notice that a lot of what we talk about here pertains to artists no matter the status of their label — indie, major, back-of-pickup, whatever. The tools you need to grow your audience are the same no matter who’s releasing your records. In fact, “records” and “albums” are becoming less and less relevant to your success, scary as THAT sounds.

2. You’ll also notice that all of Taylor Creative Management’s services have been centralized under the domain:,,, etc… Of course, all of our old domains will still respond — we’re just pulling folks back to the mothership, as it were.

Please let me know what you think of these changes, and what we can do to help YOU succeed!