The Wounded Healer

Folks have been asking me to explain what I mean when I say that your audience can support you on many levels. Here’s a clear example. Tracy Grammar’s beloved violin has cracked and weathered with age. It’s beyond repair. Sad enough, since that violin helped her get through the passing of her longtime performing partner. Sadder still, since she didn’t have money saved up to buy a new one. Her fans caught wind of this, and independently raised over six thousand dollars so she could purchase a top quality instrument to take on the road.

This isn’t just an act of selfless charity, though. Folks actually support causes because it helps them get their own needs met in some way. Whether these people wanted to reward Tracy for all the great songs she’s written to help them get through their own tough times, or whether they wanted to make sure they’d still be able to see her on tour, they gave what they could (and what they wanted to) to buy her that violin. It means the world to her, and those fans feel even more deeply connected now.