Call to Arts!

Artists Helping Artists (AHA!) is announcing its CALL TO ARTS! SUMMIT IV which occurs ALL DAY on Sunday Nov 7, 2004 at Beverly Garland’s Holiday Inn in Universal Studios/Hollywood.

The CALL TO ARTS! SUMMIT IV will be a large gathering place for artists of all types as well as community, grassroots and industry organizations, arts and music services, arts and music leaders, arts educators, as well as many other creatives, visionaries and imaginaries who are announcing new creative projects.

The theme of the summit is ENCOURAGING COMMUNITY, INTEGRITY AND VISION IN THE ARTS. The event expects to bring together over 2000 artists (and arts lovers) across many arts fields and disciplines including fine artists, songwriters, actors, spoken word artists, writers, musicians, graphic artists and film makers.

If you are interested in being part of the Summit IV Team please contact Glenn Horton, Founder of AHA! at or by phone at (818) 212-8219. Or email Jasmine Browner.