Notching Down to 33 1/3 for the next three weeks…

…but don’t fret…

I’m actually taking the closest thing to a “vacation” that I’ve enjoyed in about 26 months! But for me (and for now) that really means I’m going to be working for four hours a day instead of fourteen. So if it seems like I’m taking a while to get back to e-mail or phone messages, please remember that my system filters client and talent buyer messages to the top of the pile.

Booking clients, fear not. Deb is still in place to catch queries and follow-up with our leads.

Coaching clients and IndieBiz members, I will still be taking calls for 2-3 hours a day, except for two or three days over the next few weeks when I will be driving up and down I-85 and I-95.

Everyone else, keep watching for great little nuggets that Deb and I have programmed to drop every day. And if you really, really want the skinny on my whereabouts, follow my personal moblog.

I expect all those strategy session seats to be sold out by the time I get back, too. 🙂