I think I can take the icepack off now…

All last week, I told folks to expect a bit of a delay getting in touch with me because I’d be getting back from 2NMC and I would need a day or two to catch up. I said a day or two because, frankly, I’m accustomed to getting out to a music conference and either meeting a bunch of folks that I know I’m not going to be working with, or I simply end up doing one panel for about 45 minutes and exploring the town because I’m not into the vibe of the place.

2NMC changed all that. Never in one place have I seen and spent time with so many smart, creative, talented and hungry people. Punctuated by the Music Business Mastermind group I facilitated on Sunday, I can say that these four days were the most powerful experience of my career. You can hear what other musicians had to say — in their own voices — over at the 2NMC page.

Powerful experiences require lots of follow up, so in addition to juggling projects on my plate for this week, I have been making a feeble attempt to stay on top of my correspondence. So if it’s taking a while for me to get back to you, hang tight, I’m almost there.

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