Chapel Hill Gig Swaps

We are looking for THREE bands in or around Chapel Hill, NC to swap gigs with a few of our artists. We have dates and venues lined up, but we need YOUR help to assure a great local turnout for clients who are new to the Research Triangle area.

We’re specifically looking for singer/songwriters or acoustic rock/pop acts who can draw FIFTY or more people to shows in October and November. In return, we can provide you with an opening slot in any one of the major markets where our clients are strong (such as Atlanta, Philadelphia, NYC, LA, DC).

Please e-mail me back TODAY and I can fill you in with the details. Make sure you give us your web URL and a list of recent gigs you’ve played in Chapel Hill.

THAR BE A BOUNTY FOR THESE GIGS! We’re working with an established venue that we want to impress — if you have a band that can fill this slot and draw at least 50 folks *OR* if you refer us to such, we’ll also reward you with TWO months of personal coaching sessions from Be sure to alert us when you’re letting someone know about this opportunity so we can give you the credit!