Granian and the Grey Lady

Congrats to TCM Client Granian on a superb review in the New York Times!

Yes, that’s right. That New York Times.

For everyone who’s going to send me an e-mail asking how an independent artist got some column inches in the New York Times, listen up. You start with a great set of songs — Garen’s been honing these tunes on the road for about two years now. You follow up by growing an audience that supports you. You track your success through external measures like the number of units sold at CDBaby and the number of people showing up at gigs. And you plant some high profile gigs in the backyard of the writers who can actually spread the word about you.

Writers don’t dive through the slush pile at random — they react to specific things that show them that their audience will think yours is a tremendous story. Garen’s got a great story, and we’re happy to play a small supporting role in it!