Let’s Work On Your Success This Month

We now have only TWO slots left for musicians to join TCM’s Music Biz Coaching program in December. If you’ve been holding your breath for the new year to get working on your own success strategy, we may not have room then! In fact, it’s likely that (once this message gets out) our wait list will mean we don’t take on any new clients until March.

If you’re ready to work with me personally on the phone three times every month and enjoy the benefits of unlimited, priority online support from me and my team, sign up and schedule your first phone session online.

If you’re still wondering what you can get out of a relationship with a career coach, you can test the waters with a 25 minute call, which you can schedule here.

And if you’re not ready to dive in one-on-one just yet, remember that this is the last month you will be able to join IndieBiz.com, our group coaching program.

As much as I hate urgency, I don’t want you to get to your New Year’s Resolutions in January and realize you missed the boat! Drop any questions in the comments, and I’ll be happy to clarify.