Announcing our Happy New Year Career Development Special!

Okay, I’ve been on the bench enough already this year. How about you? Are you serious about achieving greater success in 2005?

I want to talk to ten more emerging musicians who want to grow their audiences this year, and I want to make it easy for you to do it.

From now until Sunday, January 16th at 11:59pm ET, I’m launching a special order form for a package I’ve never offered before and will probably never offer again. For $57, you’ll receive:

If you purchased all of these things separately, you’d spend about $100. And if you ask our other clients what these tools are worth to them, they’ll tell you that they’ll pay for themselves the first time you put them in action.

Use our secure, online form to order before this Sunday night.

P.S.: If you purchased any of these items from us in the last 60 days and want to participate in this offer, we’ll protect the price. Just forward me your e-mail receipt and we will bill you for the difference. (Don’t wanna hear any "aw shucks, I just bought it" excuses!)

P.P.S.: We will not be offering this package again in 2005, so take advantage of this offer before I (literally) come to my senses!