G Whiz

Posting’s a little light around here these days because I’m working furiously on some fun projects, including the second draft of my new book, More Gigs Now. So furiously, in fact, that the letter ‘G’ flew off my keyboard the other day, prompting the cat to pounce on it and run away. I did get my ‘G’ back, because without it, the book would have turned into the very existential "More is Now."

At any rate, e-newsletter subscribers, check your inboxes. Invites to today’s open house conference call (which we’ll record for the podcast) are in there. If you’ve purchased any of my books (thank you!), you’re getting an invite to your own call on the 30th!

And if you think that I can be of service to you in a more private setting, I have a handful of 25 minute laser coaching appointments available. (Sorry, no room for any more full coaching program clients in March. E-mail me if you’d like to get on the waiting list.)