Wanna do business? Then send me something in writing first.

A client asked me the other day about helping her make cold calls more effectively. And I launched into my “I don’t believe in cold calls” speech. You should be warming up talent buyers with your Perfect Press Kit before dialing those digits. If you hit the spot, they’ll call you first. If not, they’ll at least have a clue when you do call.

As I was thinking about that today, I realized it’s time for me to enforce a boundary of my own. For whatever reason, I’ve been bombarded with phone calls this week from folks who “wanna chat” about “possibilities.” I fully expect that most of these folks want to sell me something, or want to approach me about selling you something.

For the record, I love joint ventures. But right now, I’ve got a full coaching roster, a manuscript that’s on deadline, and a handful of other projects that I’ve got to stay focused on.

If you have an extraordinary opportunity for me, describe it to me over e-mail if you really want me to pay attention. I’d rather miss an opportunity with someone that doesn’t do business the way I prefer than neglect the clients who pay for my time on the phone.

Sound fair? If not, flame away in the comments.