What happens on our new, members-only weblog?

A couple of readers have e-mailed me to ask about what happens on our new, members-only weblog. It’s a fun place. First, I post even more tools, tips, and resources for working musicians than I do right here on our public weblog.

More importantly, artists can post their own weblog entries. They can promote their own events, add insight to discussions about tools and resources, or even ask for specific advice about their music careers.

Whenever a musician uses our members area to post a question, I usually get to answer them by the close of the next business day. That way, they get professional insight into their situation without having to pay an expensive hourly rate for a consultant or an attorney. (We love attorneys. We love preparing our clients for short meetings with their attorneys even more.)

I’m letting the first fifty artists to join our members area become charter members for only $27. I’m still on the road, so we may already have passed that mark. As long as you see CHARTER member on the signup form, you can take advantage of the deal. Better move fast, before we run out of openings!