This week’s live conference calls…

We’ve got some great live conference calls for musicians scheduled this week!

On Wednesday night at 9pm, we’ll discuss one of my favorite books from the past few years, The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. It’s a great study into the reasons why creative people let themselves get held back by resistance, and how to forge ahead with music, writing, and art.

Also on Wednesday, at noon, we have another fun “open phones” segment, where you get to ask me anything at all about achieving success as a working musician.

Thursday evening at 7pm, we’ll talk about a critical topic: Music Management Contracts. What are the hallmarks of a standard management agreement? How can you tell if you’re being ripped off? How can you protect yourself from an unscrupulous manager or from a lazy client?

All three of those calls are open only to our members. (Members should log in to register for these sessions.) If you want to get a taste for what happens on the calls, come to this week’s FREE session:

Tomorrow at 9pm, I’ll run down some of the most popular topics from my book, Host Your Own Concerts. You’ll learn how to overcome the feeling that there’s no place to play by staging your own shows for yourself and for other musicians. Send a blank e-mail here to RSVP for this FREE session.

[All times are Eastern U.S., and require you to dial a phone number in the 435 area code.]