Rock Star: INXS “may be a clever move”

Andy Dehnart makes a great point that takes a page out of Bob Baker’s “don’t worry about most people” playbook. With ratings hovering around four million viewers, TV folks are moaning how Rock Star: INXS is a TV flop. Some tin-foil-hat types are even suggesting that the double-elimination is the first of many, designed to speed up this flailing series. However, if even 1/4 of the TV audience buy a new INXS record this fall, it would go platinum. If even 1/4 of the TV audience goes to a show, it could put $50M in the boys’ pockets.

By television standards, 4 million viewers may be chump change. But 4 million highly targeted music fans could usher in a big payday for INXS.