Technical alert for charter members.

I just sent a quick e-mail to our charter members to alert them to a glitch in our member database. If you’re not a charter member, you can safely move along… 🙂


Just got back to the office from a weekend away and noticed that a handful of our charter members received notices that their credit cards were declined for the second month of payment. Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience. One of our security modules — the one that encrypts your credit card data so that even *I* cannot see it — was misconfigured for a few days last month. Therefore, the system is passing garbage data to our payment processor and accounts are suspended.

I have spent the morning working on the system so that this error will not occur again. However, a handful of you with pending renewals may still be affected. If you happen to receive a message from our system that your payment was declined, please take one of these two actions:

ONE: You can log in to, and click on the “update member profile” link that appears when the system tells you that your recent payment was declined. From the drop-down menu, select “charter membership” and re-enter your credit card details. You will be able to retain your preferred member pricing.

TWO: If you like PayPal, just follow this link to switch your payment preference:

(Because we have to update PayPal receipts manually, please give us 2-4 hours to reset your account before logging in.)

Thanks for your patience during this little growing pain. Wait until you see the goodies we’re adding to your member benefits later this week!

Best wishes,
-Joe T.

P.S.: Because we’re as sensitive to Phishing attacks as you are, I will post this message to the front page of to assure you that it’s legit. Thanks.

Joe Taylor Jr.
Taylor Creative Management