Return of the Monster Music Marketing Conference Call!

Almost two years ago, David Hooper and I hosted a conference call where we vowed not to shut up until we answered everyone’s questions. So, we went for almost SEVEN HOURS. You can see some of the callers’ comments here.

David just disclosed on his own blog that he’s tackling a major identity theft issue — thieves have emptied his bank account at around the same time he wrote out a check for a tax bill he had forgotten to pay.

Though he’s usually in the position of telling me I’m not charging enough for my services, David’s clearing out some of his inventory to put a little extra cushion between him and the bills while he works on getting the thieves’ charges reversed.

For $97, you get a year of his awesome tip sheet (so you can submit songs for placement in television and film) plus a stack of incredible resources on improving your memory, throwing the perfect CD release party, and mapping out your goals.

And here’s the best part. You’ll get to speak to David on the sequel to the Monster Call.

This is not a sponsored post — we get no kickback or affiliate fee from your purchase. When my family faced its own crisis last year, David was generous with his time and his help, so we’re happy to return the favor.

Plus, since IndieBiz closed down, there’s been no way for you to tap David’s personal expertise without joining his personal consulting program. So this is a no brainer — get in on this offer while it lasts.

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