Meet Your Very Special Correspondents!

Because I want to make sure remains one of your favorite places to get news, tips, and tools for your career as a working musician, I’ve recruited two familiar faces to help keep things moving around here. They’ll be sitting in with us for at least the next six weeks, and I know you’ll love their contributions:

West Coast Correspondent Scott Andrew‘s no slouch on the web. You’ve probably seen his writing at 43Folders and elsewhere. He’s a Seattle-based independent musician with his own growing audience. He’s been collecting lots of great ideas that use the work we’ve done as a jumping-off point, and he’s not shy about sharing what’s worked for him. (And now, he’s got a great platform to do it!) I’m so excited that he’s going to give you his perspective as a fellow musician.

East Coast Correspondent Melissa Robbins is back from exploring Europe! Melissa was our lead researcher on Grow Your Band’s Audience and Host Your Own Concerts, so you’re already familiar with her work if you own those two books. From her home base in NYC, she’s going to track down even more evidence of successful independent musicians, and the methods they use to make a living making music. I am truly over the moon to have someone of her journalistic caliber back on our team.

I’m still hard at work in our Athens, Georgia HQ. My focus over the next six weeks is going to be developing even more great content for our private members area, along with helping our roster of coaching clients achieve their New Year’s goals. I’ll still be posting and adding remaindered links, too.

As always, I’ll continue to answer the question:

What’s the biggest challenge you face as a working musician?

Let me know in the comments, and Scott, Melissa, and I will work hard to find you solutions that you can use.

Thanks, as always, for your attention, for your support, and for the opportunity to be of service!