Lefsetz on Downloads: WTF?

Lefsetz has some choice language for record execs that don’t understand why there are still ten illegal downloads of a hit song for each paid download. And he wonders why nobody in the mainstream media’s writing/thinking about why this whole DRM issue is so absurd.

That’s probably because most folks working in “mainstream” journalism share the same kind of compensation plan as the labels. If you’re worried that your own revenue’s drying up (with your writing/articles circulating around online), you’re not too likely to bust through with an expose of why a similar setup isn’t working in a related medium.

If Disney’s worried about folks pirating the latest teen hit, do you really think 20/20’s gonna run a “Give Me a Break” about digital rights management?

This is why I keep telling the folks in our mentoring program that CD sales should only be one of your many revenue streams as a working musician. It’s also why more and more major labels are forcing new acts to sign atrocious deals promising a cut of merchandise and tour revenue — they see the ship sinking, too.