Big Moves!

If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been absent from the blog and the members area for the last week, it’s because Lori and I were moving to a new home in Charlotte, North Carolina! We absolutely loved Athens, and always will. The move was prompted because another business that I’m a partner in opened a new office just south of the city, and I felt that we could benefit from me actually being on site instead of running things virtually. So, business as usual, except about 200 miles up I-85 from where we were one week ago.

Later today, I’ll announce details of a LIVE event in Charlotte where we can talk about growing your audience!

P.S.: I’m playing around with some new site themes over the next day or two. All the links will stay the same, but you’ll see other site elements in flux — no need to adjust your set, just hit reload if something looks wonky.