How to get advice on your music industry career for less than ten bucks a month.

Today’s the official launch of our revamped home page and the next version of our private music business mentoring program. (If you get our weekly newsletter, you heard all about this last week.)

Here’s the deal…

For the last eighteen months or so, we’ve been doing some seriously cool stuff with a group of serious, committed musicians in our private mentoring program.

Today, I’m blowing things up a little bit. I want that information to reach even more working musicians.

So the monthly price for our mentoring program, starting right now, is $9.97. (The folks that paid $67 per month until now will start receiving the service for free, as our way of saying thanks for incubating the service.)

I could have kept the price at $67, or even raised the price to $97. But I want to see what can really happen for some talented folks that just couldn’t wrap their heads around a $67 monthly fee. Yes, I’m gonna take some heat on this one from family, friends, and colleagues. However, if this change in the service gets more musicians to try these tools and techniques, I’ll consider it a success.

You can learn all about the music business mentoring program here, see a list of our current discussions, and try the service out for 72 hours for just $1.

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