Thanks for all your thoughts on BurnLounge.

CP, you’ve got some very interesting thoughts in the comments that you left in each of my previous posts about BurnLounge. I’m not sure that I need to rehash what I’ve written about here, or here, or here. I might remind you that, until I started getting personal attacks and threats from BurnLounge supporters, I was actually neutral-to-favorable about the organization. So thanks for cementing the idea that BL’s not really worth my time. Any company that tolerates threats, intimidation, and name-calling is surely going to do just fine without me on board.

CP, if you’re so concerned that people will read my thoughts and miss out on what you think is a huge business opportunity, then:

a) You’re vastly overestimating my personal influence, and,

b) You’re really worried about a business model so shaky that a couple of bloggers are keeping new folks from signing up.

While I cherish your personal attacks, I’m also aware that our site is in the top ten search results for “BurnLounge,” and that your comments are probably more directed at folks who might be inclined to listen to your pitch. So, without changing the tone or content of your comments, I’m redacting the links and phone numbers. If the business opportunity is as awesome as you say it is, I wish you well and I really do hope you and your downline prosper. And, with that, I’m closing the discussion on BL on the site. Frankly, it’s got this idiot a little defocused, and there are plenty of other places where such discussion has more of a point.

Edit: In anticipation of the folks who will complain that I’ve turned off comments, this might be a stellar opportunity to share your thoughts on your own blogs. Our comments policy is here.