Live Recording Patent Busted

With all the internet radio and YouTube stuff happening this week, this news nugget nearly slipped by me:

The EFF managed to get a patent revoked that prevented many artists and clubs from offering quick-turnaround CD recordings of live performances. A Clear Channel subsidiary had patented the idea to make quickly-burned CDs of live performances available for sale in the lobby right after a show. Not only does this process eliminate some artists’ concerns over the safety of live show taping, but it opens up a whole new revenue stream for artists and clubs by offering fans an instant souvenir.

Except, Clear Channel decided to use the patent to prevent competing venues from providing similar services. Ostensibly, the move was designed to encourage bands and managers to appear at Clear Channel venues, while reducing front end payments and shifting revenue to the CD sales. (Basically eliminating the revenue that many bands would have gained from such a service.)

The EFF called them on it, and it’s now safe to offer live recordings to your fans right after a show.

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