Time for Your Rampant Self Promotion

Because there are only so many hours in the day, we don’t have time to review all the unsolicited submissions we receive here at TCM World Headquarters. However, despite the admonishment on our contact page, they arrive anyway.

Our new bulletin boards give me the chance to corral that energy instead of forcing me to give you a very rude brush-off by autoresponder. Now, there are two places where you may freely post your own songs and links:

  • Our Song Critique Forum is growing by leaps and bounds. Within a few days, we’ve already seen nearly 100 songs added to the forum for members to review. This is a great way to get the benefit of the talented musicians and songwriters that visit our site.
  • I just added a Rampant Self Promotion Forum for folks to write about all of the other stuff that’s going on. If you’re inclined to send a press release or a song sample to my “tips” address, just post it here instead.

Thanks for helping us bring even more interactivity to the site!

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