Search for the Next Great American Band: Most Bizarre Elimination Challenge?

American Idol’s producers have already told us how they’re going to spending the fall looking for “The Next Great American Band.”

What they didn’t tell us was just how bizarre this contest is shaping up to be.

According to this report from MeeVee, there will be the customary audition rounds, followed by competition among ten semi-finalists and three finalists. What’s wigging me out is the idea that they’re going to have “theme nights” — kinda like what Idol does now for its singers.

That might work to find out who’s the most versatile vocalist, but what’s the point of forcing a band to play jazz one week and reggae the next? I’m not sold on the idea that slamming from one wall of the racetrack to the other is going to help fans connect with you. And if you survive the gauntlet to become the Next Great American Band, does that mean you’re qualified to play just about any event the Fox promotion team can throw at you? (I can just see the tour itinerary now.)

Snarkiness aside, I know a bunch of our readers will end up trying out for this. If you’re among them, I wish you the best of luck. You can find the application form for the show, along with the rules, here.

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