Chinese Democracy Drops Nov. 23: Free Dr. Pepper for All?

I just saw an item hit the Reuters wire that the long-awaited Guns N’ Roses album, “Chinese Democracy,” is going on sale November 23.

That’s an odd date to release an album, right?

And then, I remembered that Dr. Pepper’s marketing director placed a bet that if the record dropped anytime in 2008, “everyone in America” would get a free can of that most cherished of soft drinks. (Though my friends back in Charlotte would call me a blasphemer and order up some Cheerwine.)

Is it just a coincidence that Dr. Pepper has been hyping up its “23 ingredients” on its cans and in its advertising? Could that have influenced the release date at all?

We’ll see…

UPDATE (10/23, 10pm): Oh yes, there will be free Dr. Pepper after all.