Learn How to License Your Music to Television and Film

You may remember the time that David Hooper and I spent seven hours on a conference call just taking Q&A from folks who wanted to make money making music.

I don’t think he has a similar marathon planned for tonight, but he is hosting another free teleseminar on ways that you can license your music to television, film, and video game producers. Licensing is the “final frontier” for independent musicians, and it’s a great way to earn a significant amount of revenue while putting your music in front of potential audience members.

From a return on investment point of view, music licensing can be easier for some musicians than playing gigs or trying to get radio airplay. Because producers are looking for a feeling more than they are looking for name acts, many music supervisors take a really open approach to reviewing demos from unsigned acts. David’s spent the last few years working in Nashville really focusing on this piece of the business, and he’s put some videos together that go along with tonight’s seminar. It’s all free, and you can sign up to learn about music licensing here.