Mailbag: Music Management Degrees in New York City

Hello Mr.Taylor,

I hope everything is going well with you.

I found your website on google and I’m looking for someone to help me with some music management advice. Could you?

I’ve been in NYC for almost 3 years, and I’m from Brazil. I graduated in Psychology in Rio de Janeiro, but I worked as a music therapist and music production for 4 years. Since I came to NYC, I’m searching some courses and universities in music management, but I can find one. Maybe you can help me.

Thanks for your time!

I’m looking to hearing from you.



While I’m not convinced that a specific music management college degree is the very best option for everyone, one of the best programs in the country is actually an online learning experience offered by BerkleeMusic. They’ve got access to the very best instructors, and you can’t go wrong by plugging yourself into Berklee’s alumni network. You can access classes from anywhere in the world, whether you’re in NYC or visiting your friends back in Brazil. Make sure you sign up for Bob Baker’s marketing course.

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