Monday Morning Link Love

  • The Trash Can Sinatras kick off their U.S. tour at a fan’s house. House concerts are becoming the norm for a lot of small-to-mid-range acts. It’s no longer a matter of, “OMG, you’ve sunk to the point of playing a house concert,” it’s “OMG, you are making twice as much money playing to half as many people in an environment your fans totally control!”
  • Steve Rubel writes about the “Situationally Aware Business,” but how can some of these ideas apply to your songwriting? If you’re free writing and looking for topics to tackle, some of the services that track web trends can give you some ideas about what your audience might be thinking about.
  • How do you get the benefits of being in a “city scene” when we’re all connected online? Glen Boyd explores whether there can ever be another Neil Young or Nirvana without the unique influences of geography.

[photo credit: Flickr user koralute, used under CC license]