David Barbe to head University of Georgia music business program full-time.

I’ve written in the past about the music business major degree programs popping up at colleges and universities all over the United States. While it still worries me that we may be creating a bigger supply of would-be music managers than the business currently demands, a handful of schools have stacked the decks in their favor by recruiting leaders with strong, real world experience.

It’s great news, then, to see that the University of Georgia has hired David Barbe to take on a permanent role as director of that school’s music business program. When Lori and I lived in Athens, we saw David’s fingerprints on nearly everything positive and upbeat about the town’s professional music scene. He’s been a performer and engineer for three decades, working closely with Bob Mould and other national touring acts during that time.

Those Bulldogs are some lucky kids.

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