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December 31, 2018

Dear Reader,

Since 1997,’s been the place where I posted anything I wanted to about music and pop culture. Sometimes, I’d share the platform with other folks. Other times, I’d use it to amplify only my own voice.

Early in my career, a mentor told me to watch out for “seven-year runs” on anything related to creativity. That concept trickled into my early work with musicians, and into my first book, “Grow Your Band’s Audience.” It’s roughly based on the lifespan of the typical band—seven years of hard work just to get noticed, followed by another seven years of execution. And at the end of that fourteen years, if your bandmates haven’t driven you crazy yet, maybe you get another seven, and so on. has given me three great runs around that track.

From 1997-2003, like many great dot-coms of its heritage, it included a catch-all of everything I was working on. From 2004-2010, it was the center of my publishing work, and the community we built here sustained me during some of the roughest patches of my life. Over the past seven years, my output’s been minimal as I’ve been focused on other aspects of my work that haven’t directly involved music and musicians.

That brings us to today.

Not a farewell, but a “so long.”

Music’s always going to be a part of my life, but it’s not currently a part of my work. Therefore, I don’t anticipate posting anything new here in the foreseeable future.

I believe really strongly in making the web a place of permanence wherever possible. I may not be as proud now of every single thing I’ve posted to this site, but I know enough people have referenced it over the years that I wouldn’t want to shut it down. That said, I’m no longer selling new digital copies of my books—the bonus materials will continue to be available for folks who have purchased those items in the past.

If you’re searching for help with your creative career, please seek out some of my friends and colleagues who continue to do amazing work as teachers, coaches, and managers:

  • Bob Baker has been walking the talk for decades, as a writer, musician, actor, and painter. If you’re stuck on where to start making a living with your art, seek him out first.
  • Cari Cole still lists “vocal coach” as her job description in a bunch of places, but she’s got tremendous insight into the technical skills musicians need to break through our overcrowded pop culture landscape.
  • Steve Palfreyman has built a community of booking agents, talent buyers, producers, and musicians that most closely resembles what I loved about 2004-era Visit his Music Launch Hub for tactical support around touring, publishing, and promotion.

I’m forever grateful for every reader who visited this site over the past 21 years. I hope I’ve added value to your life or given you at least a little inspiration to make great music. I’m still working with creative professionals in my communications studio, and posting the occasional essay on my personal site.

With any luck, I’ll bump into you at a house concert sometime soon.

With the very best wishes,
Joe Taylor Jr.