CD Stands!

Regular readers might recall my rant (posted on the old system) about not being able to find quality point-of-purchase displays in small quantities. Galaris feels my pain and is doing something about it.

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  1. sue kirley Avatar
    sue kirley

    I need 6-10 slot c.d stands or racks to sit on top of bench top for store and they must stand upright aust used to sell small plastic ones and cardboard racks but they dont know do you have any as my husband has released a c.d and we are selling them 6 at a timme and need them in clear view of customers please email me with a price and your phone number so I can phone thanks

  2. Hi,
    My name is Jeff Kartak. I have developed a point of purchase CD display and sales tool for musicians marketing CDs from stage. It is rugged and professionally attractive, holds up to 12 CDs, has a locking cash box with slot for self-payment, sign holder and a fitting so it mounts to any standard microphone stand. See more at I would like to exchange links and more!

  3. This will do it for you. It’s called The CD Seller. Very professional point of purchase CD display rack. Holds 12 CDs, has sign holder and locking cash box. Fitting on bottom so it screws onto mic stand or can be used on a table top.