PayLoadz, Affiliates and Dollar Downloads

Kudos to the folks at Tummy Touch Records, who are using the service our friends at PayLoadz have developed to offer low-cost music downloads right from your site. The REAL innovation is the built-in PayLoadz afflilate program, which lets them credit a few cents to folks who post the link from their site. Clever, clever! Here’s the link, so you can try it for yourself.

(Note: We’re not necessarily endorsing the song or artist — in fact, we haven’t heard it. We’re simply impressed with the delivery method.)


One response

  1. This idea sounds incredibly cool…My question? OR ?concern? is: what impact will that have if I’m already signed up with a program (in our case, CDBaby) to handle all our pay-for-download affairs? I wonder if having it on my site would be a problem…That’s something I’ll ask around about. Love your site! Give me a visit sometime too. Miz B’s Porch still has a lot of naked links–they don’t go anywhere! But my Crazed Cowboys site, is pretty well set up and good to go—aside from the multitudes of poorly crafted html! I S U C K at html code…and it doesn’t look much like I’m gonna improve! Take care and keep in touch…