iTunes Alternatives

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  1. Jon Hopkins Avatar
    Jon Hopkins

    Bought an ipod but can’t download itunes to encode and organise my music as my OS is Windows ME, itunes only works on Windows 2000 or XP. Are there alternatives to itunes?

  2. There are a few folks hacking at solutions, but WinME was never the most stable operating system to begin with — lots of audio codecs cause the blue screen of death.

    If you want to bump things back and forth to your iPod in a stable environment, you’re pretty much confined to 2000 or XP.

    Any specific reason why you’re shying away from an XP upgrade?

  3. scott Avatar

    i got an ipod and i have me not knowing that it wouldnt work and i spent all my money on ipod stuff so i cant upgrade to xp. could i burrow a windows 2000 sp4 disk from a friend? what can i do to get my ipod to work without spending alot of money?