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  1. Hey Joe,

    Thanks for the shoutout to Wordlab.

    In addition to Wordlab’s “Band Name Generator” and the 3556 name entries in the Rock Band category, we’re always happy to brainstorm in realtime on the Wordboard with musicians looking to find the perfect name for their band.

    And, from time to time, we write on our front page blog about creative names for bands, as we did recently about Steely Dan, the seminal rock band that is named after a dildo in the book Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs.

    There, Wordlab links to the Internet video promo for Steely Dan’s latest release, Everything Must Go, which is a good example of how an indie band might use the power of the worldwide web to get their music out there if there is no budget for a music video. Very net savvy, these old classics Fagen & Becker.

    Nice blog you’ve got here, Joe.

    All the best,



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  4. anna thompson Avatar
    anna thompson

    i think that supernova should be able to keep there 12 and i am pist off they [the worlds best band supernova] have to change there name. my oldest bro who is 22 has never heard of the other supernova. iv never seen there cd or records. tommy, gilby and jason wouldent have come up with the idea of ‘supernova’ as a band name if they had already heard of that band. the other supernova must not be a band because me and my other bro own a band that do partys and small conserts in a small place in nz called owaka.we dont make cds.the band is called motley crue jr.
    motley crue is a band to!
    i want to meet supernova to! im am probebly nzs bigest fan!