Indie 103.1 fm

I dunno how the heck I missed this one. Some folks told me about it a few weeks ago, and I didn’t think I wanted to believe that a Clear Channel skunk works project actually had merit…

Indie 103.1 is about as “indie” as Starbucks is “grassroots,” but the crew there is gonna take Clear Channel’s money, smile, nod and kick ass. I’m having a “driveway moment” at my desk now — I have to get up, but I can’t — I don’t wanna miss what they play next.

[Update: Crap. They played “The Israelites,” which stays in my head for eight days whenever they hear it.]

[Update #2: They have the most unfortunate local commercials.]


2 responses

  1. Butthole Surfer Avatar
    Butthole Surfer

    Mr. Jones, Court Knee, and Liza are the coolest. Danny 70 sumtin is hot and the rest is bs. Luv yous guyz

  2. The Space Lord Avatar
    The Space Lord

    Chaos with Jackie Kay > pretty much the other shows on Indie.

    I’d negotiate a swap between her and Messy Stench just to have her back on KNAC again.