Tips on how to expand your vocal range

According to Jeannie Deva, founder of Jeannie Deva® Voice Studios in Los Angeles, the five primary physical causes of throat muscle tension are:

1) Lack of adequate vocal warm-up
2) Air over-blow
3) Over articulation (emphasizing mouth, lip movements when singing or talking)
4) Using force rather than resonance for volume
5) Trying to compensate for under-developed vocal muscles


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  1. Can anyone help me? I have always been in chorus and such things, but did not take it this year as a class because I did not have enough room in my schedule. But now I would like to try out for a prgram in the school for the best singers, but my range is not high enough. I would just try out as a base, but everyone keeps telling me I am a tenor. Is there someonething preventing me from hitting the higher notes. Please respond, auditions are in a month.

  2. prgram is actually spelled program.

  3. Carrick Avatar

    try and relax when you sing, when i first started singing my range was terrible but in time i realised that the tension i felt about hitting the top notes was actually what was preventing me from doing it, so try not to stress out to much!

    already relaxed? try doing some scales every night sing up to just higher than you can and try to go higher every night (or every couple of nights if required)
    the most important thing is practice, the more you practice the better you will manage!

    good luck

  4. Can singing or practising above my range damage my do i strengthen and expand my range