Music Industry “Apprentice” In The Works

My clients know that, out of the three or four hours I get to watch TV every week, I had been reserving one for the entire run of The Apprentice. Word from NBC’s Telemundo unit now that they’ve signed Emilio Estefan for the Spanish language spinoff, with the focus on finding an aspiring recording/entertainment mogul. That may be worth taking a Berlitz course for…

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  1. Dwayne (Aires) Walker Avatar
    Dwayne (Aires) Walker

    well i am trying to get a career in production, and the music industry is where i would like to focus my work.
    i have always been very passionate about music and would like to find as many roads as i can to accomplish my dreams and goals…can you help?

  2. Music Business

    The “Apprentice” – Music Business Style

    Joe Taylor tells me that there is now a Music Industry “Apprentice” In The Works. Hopefully, it will show more of what really goes on than something like “Making the Band” or “American Idol”. And hopefully, they’ll bring in people