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coveridea3_copyb_smallMy new book is ready to ship on Wednesday!!! Join me this afternoon for a FREE conference call to get your questions answered about starting a career in music management, managing your own career better, or finding someone you can train to take over the development of your own music business.

Join me on the call at 1pm Eastern Time by dialing 1-805-620-4000, PIN # 87452.

Instead of waiting for the books to go on sale at Amazon and Borders in September, purchase one of the first copies of “Music Management for the Rest of Us” directly from us for only $24.95, and get free shipping (for a limited time and in the Continental USA only).

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“Music Management for the Rest of Us”
Table of Contents

Table of Contents
A Letter From Joe
A Note to the Self-Managed Artist
Setting Up Shop
Startup 101
Your Home Office
Credentials and Diplomas
Good Grooming for Managers
Your Space on the Web
Learning the Trade
Commissions, Collections and Expenses
Don’t Be The Bank
All the News Won’t Fit on Print
Tools of the Trade Magazines
Who Do You Know?
Dealing with Ageism
Finding Clients
Being Seen on the Scene
Evaluating Potential Clients
Questions To Ask Potential Clients
Moving from Solo to Band
Managing Multiple Clients
Your Success Team
Booking and Checkbooking
Tape Shoppers
Venture Capitalists
Building Careers
Growing An Audience
Swapping Gigs
Building a Street Team
Reaping Passive Revenue
Sync and Soundtracks
Making Deals
“Win-Win Or No Deal�?
The Record Deal
Sponsorships and Endorsements
Overcoming Failure
Preparing Yourself for the Inevitable
Shielding Yourself From Financial Failure
Firing A Client
When a Client Fires You
Managing Success
Stunt Your Diva’s Growth
Growing Beyond the Basics
Renewing Yourself and Your Clients
Setting Sights on the Long Term
Final Thoughts
Resource Guide
Professional Associations
Industry News
Sales and Distribution
Promotion and Marketing
Web Tools
Special Bonuses
Join Me On The Phone Each Month! – Your Source for News and Insight
Get Help With Your (Or Your Client’s) Career

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    Music Management (For the Rest of Us)

    Joe Taylor has a new book out about music management. Whether you want to manage your own career better or find someone you can train to take over the development of your own music business, this is a wise investment.