2NMC… The End!

Ooof… It has been a looong few days, but so much fun and so productive. If you attended 2NMC, go ahead and use this thread to reconnect with folks you met and continue our conversation. I will blog more upon recovery and sleep. 🙂

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  1. I finally reached home around 11:15p. I used my time in the car to listen to demos from everyone I met and begin listening to Tom Jackson’s tapes. He’s so incredible. I realize now why I get the reaction I get and I plan to make many, many improvements in the live show.

    Everyone was incredible, though. I know that many of you were plum tuckered out and missed Lawrence, Danica and Liz. They were also amazing. Danica somehow managed to make the legal stuff as interesting as it can possibly be at midnight. Look forward to seeing more of you folks and possibly working with you as well.

    Rest up and see you all on the road–
    Rhonda Everitt

  2. “My head is swollen.” That pretty much sums it up! My brain was so full I had to skip some afternoon sessions to take naps.

    Thanks for an upbeat, comprehensive and above all *useful* conference.

  3. Kelly Pardekooper Avatar
    Kelly Pardekooper

    Amen on sleep deprivation…but what a great education. Joe, thanks so much for all the information and time given at 2NMC. My head is swollen with lots of new music knowledge/strategy.

    For me the timing is perfect. A new CD coming, another European tour in February 2005, and lots of booking/van time coming again soon in the U.S. You mentioned Philly booking, North Star Bar is my favorite venue.

    For all you musicians I met at 2NMC…lets follow through and do the work. I’m happy to gig swap and share venue information etc… I just moved to Nashville and have spent the last few years working the Midwest. I’m happy to share.

    Sweet dreams,
    Kelly Pardekooper